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What should I do? What should I do?
Still at home, I took some special paper, which gave me the opportunity to be treated during my stay abroad. But where should I go with it? That was the question!
I went to the reception and asked them. “We could call you a private doctor“, - they said. “One visit, without treatment, will cost 40 euros for you. (Later, I have known, that there was a doctor in the hotel, who was on duty every day from 10 to 18 hours. I learned it accidentally from Martina – German. We did morning exercises and danced together.) Yes, and how the doctor's visit could help me? Well, he can only put a cauterized. That's all. How long it will be able to act? No, I need a good physiotherapist .
I waited for the arrival of the representative of my travel agency. For some reason she said, that German health insurance would not help me, and took me to the Spa-salon at the hotel. Fuck off this Spa-salon, I thought. My arm hurts terribly and falls off, and they would offer me insanely expensive beauty treatments.
But at first, I have a soft and malleable nature. It's very easy to persuade me. And secondly, there was no other way. Either accept the procedure, or go home by ambulance.
A guy on the Spa reception grabbed a stranglehold on me, tried to convince that he was an experienced physiotherapist, that certainly would help me and offered cryotherapy, i.e. ointment with eucalyptus and menthol, with seaweed and subsequent half-hour back massage. All this gorgeous pleasure would cost for me about one sixth of the amount of my entire holiday all inklusive.
But I felt so bad that I agreed. Аnd all the money intended for excursions into the wilderness and the cities I boomed in these three sessions. At the same time I have clarified:"Will you personally treat me?" "Yes, yes, of course! I am very experienced physiotherapist!"
And then I layed down on a massage table face into the hole and waited for what would happened. I felt my back walking two pairs of hands, and under the table saw two pairs of legs. A few minutes later a pair of legs and arms were avaporated and only stayed another ones. These legs weared white pants and flip flops on bare feet. And these legs with narrow feet and quite beautiful fingers didn't obviously belong to the type I'd spoken befor.
Someone dropped some odorous liquid on my back, then smeared it all over the surface of the back, imposed cheesecloth, then began to smear with a brush. After that procedures he covered my back with rustling paper and two layers of towels, a good crimp on all sides and so left me to lie for 20 minutes. After a while I felt like back got cold and some healing substances penetrated inside. It was quite nice to lie so, if not the arm! I did not know where to put it. I made it so, and arrange so. It still hurt! All these twenty minutes lying with meditative music in a bouquet of pleasant smells I prayed all possible gods, that these procedures would have helped me.
But here cаme the beautiful legs, and hands, belonged to them, delicately began to remove from me all that it was imposed before. Carefully and gently rubbed my back and the great mystery began.
No, I was doing a back massage many times, when my loin were madly aching. It was very painful and unpleasant. But now, these gentle hands just loved all my back, with her sick spine and muscle tension. They stroked the skin, going deeper and deeper into my body, goes around all vertebrae from the neck ending to the deep lumbar. They kneaded, stroked, smoothed out, goes around all the curves and hollows of my brightly decorated body. Half an hour of kaif absolute. I wanted time to stop and these hands massaged my back for the rest of my life. Frankly speaking, few men could give me such a pleasure .:) I did not know who owned these hands. Clearly, it was not the person who I'd spoken befor. And I would, for sure, gave him a big scandal for his lying, but I was so pleased with the session.
Of course I was burning curiosity to know who owned these hands. But the reality has surpassed all expectations. When I finally took a vertical position and looked up at the owner of these magic hands I could not breathe.

To be continued .
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