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Part 1. Despair

What kind of troubles can happend to any human mortal body! You live calm and rejoice the life. And suddenly... Like an ax in a head .
Actually I did not use to complain on the sores.. Well, you know. But this time I'll tell you.
This story began suddenly. One and a half week before my holiday in Tunisia.
No, actually earlier. About two or three month before, suddenly began to disappear tip sensitivity index and middle fingers of my left hand. It seemed to be a trifle, but it was unpleasant .
Of course I took immediately the direction to my physiotherapist. Well, he worked with me 6 sessions. But it has not improved. I even asked him : «What would this symptom mean ? What's that ? “Your arm will fall off!” — he answered. Well, the guy was joking, I thought.
My life went on. I still did not feel the tips of my fingers. But it didn't matter.

It started a week and a half before leaving for Tunisia. In lowered hand began the feeling as if there was an electric current of high voltage. It was very unpleasant and painful. I thought it was because of fitness - overtrain at the gym. In fact, thanks to years of playing sports and dancing, all my joints were erased and intervertebral discs fell out. But that did not really bother me in my life so far. And now there is such a nuisance. The problem reached the point that I had to drive the car only with one hand and the other keep a raised, almost in a position of Nazi salute. Otherwise it was very painful. As soon as I lowered my hand down, the electric current turned on immediately.
I had to look for a medical attention immediately. But at first, in our coutry it is not so simple to get the doctor - one still have to wait for a long time. And secondly, I thought, everything will be all right on the seaside, because the sea is the best medicine for me. Yeah, if it were so! That night when I arrived to Tunesia and was a few hours in a minibus to get to the hotel, I almost was crying from the pain. Current in my arm became a high-voltage and pain in the hand became just unbearable .
Оnce, when I was studying at the institute, we studied the anatomy human nervous system and the innervation of the hand. So, this scheme with the neves, extending from the spine to the shoulder and then to the hand, I felt on my own body. All of these nerves were as if they were under a strong electric current .
And the next day I found that I can not even swim. I can not even hang out on the waves with arms stretched forward. Next - worse. Now, the whole arm began to lose sensitivity. But the worst was yet to come. My arm began to die. I already could hardly take off my dress, pull on my panties and even bring the fork to my mouth. I coudn't sleep, coudn't eat, not to mention to play sport. And this process developed incredibly fast, within a couple of days. That time I was really scared. At that moment I remembered my phisiotherapist's words about dying hands .
It seemed to be that my, so long-awaited vacation goes to hell. Increasingly in my head visited the idea to call my insurance, take an ambulance-plane to get me rush back home to Germany.
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